Antibiotic can Damage Immune System

Our immune system body always find away how to destroy ancient creature. Our immune system have big capacity to remember bad organism, and will use the similar method to destroy the similar organism. Immune system cells include of fast developing cells in our body. More than 80 % of immune system on our intestine channel with bacteria balance there. Intestine flora begin to build when the baby still in the womb.

Problem begin
The worst thing to do by giving the baby antibiotic. Antibiotic will kill all either bad or god bacteria. One cycle antibiotic uses will permanently change the immune system of the baby. And because of neuro chemical  mostly made in intestine, baby neurology also will change.

After the first antibiotic give to the baby or child, bacteria in intestine will remove and immune system permanently will changed. Now fungi in intestine will destroy, and will grow uncontrolled. After fungi build a castle then parasite will move to share nutrition. This is the initial process of chronic disease and cancer merge.

Heavy Metal Problem
More than 80 % of heavy metal exit from our body through bacteria in intestine system. Bad bacteria and certain fungi defense with moving heavy metal into the body and transport that heavy metal to many tissue and organ to make weak that organ. At the end bad fungi will attach that weak organ.


Anonymous said…
Good point about bacteria.antibiotics kill even friendly bacteria besides bad ones..This is the reason for secondary infection like typhoid and other diseases...

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