Pneumonia Bacteria

Pneumonia bacteria exist because of the lung have problem, such as causes by the inhalation of chemical, trauma to chest wall, or infectious other agent such as nickettsiae, fungi or yeast. Bacteria pneumonia is caused by a pathogenic infection on the lung.

Using radiology anatomy of pneumonia can be detected to see the detail on the problem inside the chest. There are several indications on the lung after perform radiology, the following result will be observed:

  • Lobar – knows as focal or nonsegmental pneumonia
  • Multifocal/lobular or bronchopneumonia
  • Interstitial (local diffuse)

The setting of pneumonia includes the community acquired pneumonia (CAP), institutional acquired pneumonia (IAP) include health care associated pneumonia (HCAP) and nursing home associated pneumonia (NHAP) and nosocomial (hospital) pneumonia.


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