Tenericutes – Gram Positive

Tenericutes is a phylum bacteria that contain the class Mollicutes. Tenericutes come from the definition of tener cutis which have mean “soft skin”, the name was vilidated in 1984 as a new division same as phylum.

If a phylum bacteria is a new division of bacteria some of the member include on this bacteria also include in fermicutes bacteria. Phylum bacteria are divided into different phylia in order to separate the trillions of species that exist. These microscopic organism are prokaryotic which means they have no nucleus and typically no bound internal structure, and they are everywhere. Fermiculate usually use as growing media for mushroom in science experiments.

Include on the phylum bacteria such as Aquificae, some of Fermicutes and also Protobacteria. Phylum Aquificae include only 27 species of bacteria. They range from thermophilic to hyperthermophilic, which means they live in highly heat temperature. Aquificae bacteria make their own food using chemosynthesis, a process by which they break down various chemicals within their cells in a similar way with plants use sunlight to make their food.

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