Fermicutes – Gram Positive

The group of Fermicute typically divided into Clostridia, which are anaerobic, the Bacilli, or facultative aerobes and the Mollicutes. Fermicutes make up the largest portion of the mouse and human gut microbiome. Fermicute as part of gut flore shown to be involve in energy resorption and obesity.

Fermicutes are phylum bacteria which have gram positive cell wall structure. A few bacteria have a porous pseudo outer membrane that cause them strain to gram negative, for example like Megasphaera, Pectinatus, Selenomonas and Zymophilus.

Some of fermicutes are resistant to desiccation and can survive on extreme condition, this because this kind fermicutes can produce endospores. Some of these bacteria also pathogen and can found in various environments. Fermicute have play an important role on producing beer, wine and cider spoilage.

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