How Quickly Bacteria Growth

How The Growth of Bacteria?
As stated on the the second laws of thermodynamics on physics that the universe disorder, or entropy can only grow. If go into the base order on the cell as the smaller part of the body this principle appear to contradiction to this principle, but actually do conform because they generate heat that increase the universe’s overall entropy.,

Given what the bacteria is made of, and given how rapidly bacteria can grow, what would be the minimum amount of heat that it would have to exhaust into its surrounding. If compare with the amount of heat it's actually exhausting, they're roughly on the same scale," says England, an assistant professor of physics. "It's relatively close to the maximum efficiency."

To calculate the minimum amount of heat a bacterium needs to generate during this process, scientist decided to investigate the thermodynamics of the reverse process -- that is, two cells becoming one. This is so unlikely that it wi…

Lyme Disease Medication

Lyme Diseases Symptom 
The first phase is early localized disease, which occurs three to 30 days after the tick bite that transmitted the infection. This stage is characterized by skin inflammation. Victim feel like erythema migrans, but only 70% of people who get Lyme disease feel this symptom. It starts at the site of the tick bite and expands over the next several days. It can eventually cover an area up to about 12 inches across. Some of the area may clear, giving the rash at times a bull's-eye appearance.

The next phase of the illness is the early disseminated stage, which occurs within days to weeks after the tick bite, there is spreading of the skin inflammation to other areas. Pain and swelling may feel in large joints, such as the knee joints. Other symptoms that can occur include palsy of the facial nerve, leading to loss of muscle tone on one or both sides of face.

The next phase will merge if the above condition is not being cured, a later stage of the illness, known …

Bacterial Growth Graph

Bacterial Growth
Bacteria grow is liniar with the availability of food for bacteria. The grow of bacteria also depend on the availability of air, so on effluent system use aerator to make the oxygen needed for bacteria is fulfilled.

As on the graph below there is lag phase, in this phase bacteria have begun consuming food and start replicating exponentially. We can see on the graph red bacterial curve increasing and food availability decreasing in this phase.

Red Bacteria Curve
The availability of food continuous decrease and bacterial reproduction begin to slow, because more competition for food. The growth rate slowing on red bacteria curve connection with the less of food availability, bacteria begin to cluster and form floc.

The BOD indicator that bacteria food still available, higher BOD mean that food for bacteria still high. Most of bacteria have formed floc, some bacteria cells die and lyse open, releasing some BOD that can be consumed. Bacterial floc can settled out with …

Bacteria in Fish Pond

Bacteria in the fish pond can merge because of several things. The good thing about outdoor ponds is that easily acquire the beneficial bacteria that are best fitted for the local environment from that environment. Dirt washing into your pond, bugs carried by critters that visit your pond, dust blown into the pond by the wind, and bacteria dormant for the winter that have been activated by spring all populate your pond with beneficial bacteria perfectly adapted to your pond.

The main characteristic of the beneficial bacteria that you can buy is that they are easy to grow in culture. They may be totally inappropriate for your pond. The overwhelming majority of species of beneficial bacteria will not grow in culture and thus cannot be sold.

In fact, you really have to work to keep beneficial bacteria from taking over your pond. You can scrub and disinfect the pond liner. You can pour a variety of chemicals in your pond. This all takes effort. Leave it alone and your pond will be fine a…

What is Lyme Disease

Lyme disease is a kind of infection that caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdoferi. Lyme disase is not cause by virus, even the spreading of this disease very fast through the body. This disease is transmitted to people and animals by the bite of an infected blacklegged tick, or Ixodes Scapularis, commonly called as deer tick, and Ixodes pacificus (wetern black legged tick). Although other types of ticks such as the Dermancentor variabilis (American dog) and some insects have been shown to carry of Lyme disease bacteria, but until today the transmission of lyme disease through those vectors has not been proven. People usually get lyme disease from ticks infected with lyme spirochetes. Most human cases are caused by the nymphal, or immature, form of the tick. Nymphs are about the size of a poppy seed. This animals bite is not painful so many people do not realize of this infection.

Lyme disease is found in approximately 65 countries world wide, although different types of ticks and…

Bacteria Internal Structure

Not like other creature bacteria have very simple structure, because bacteria is a single cell. As single cell bacteria only content nucleoid, ribosomes, storage granules, and endospore.
Nucleouid: is like a DNA cell, confined to the central region, bounded by a membrane and visible to distinct. Ribosomes: give the cytoplasm of bacteria a granular appearance in electron micrographs. Though smaller than the ribosomes in eukaryotic cells, these inclusions have a similar function in translating the genetic message in messenger RNA into the production of peptide sequences. Storage Granules: Nutrient and reserves may be stored in the cytoplasm in the form of glycogen, lipids, polyphosphate, or in some cases, sulfur or nitrogen. Endospore: Some bacteria like Clostridium botulinum, form spores that are highly resistant to drought, high temperature and other environmental hazards.  Other articles:
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Antibiotic can Damage Immune System

Our immune system body always find away how to destroy ancient creature. Our immune system have big capacity to remember bad organism, and will use the similar method to destroy the similar organism. Immune system cells include of fast developing cells in our body. More than 80 % of immune system on our intestine channel with bacteria balance there. Intestine flora begin to build when the baby still in the womb.

Problem begin
The worst thing to do by giving the baby antibiotic. Antibiotic will kill all either bad or god bacteria. One cycle antibiotic uses will permanently change the immune system of the baby. And because of neuro chemical  mostly made in intestine, baby neurology also will change.

After the first antibiotic give to the baby or child, bacteria in intestine will remove and immune system permanently will changed. Now fungi in intestine will destroy, and will grow uncontrolled. After fungi build a castle then parasite will move to share nutrition. This is the initial proc…