Sulfur Bacteria

For industry that use of sulfur as their raw material often have difficulty handling on their waste because of sulfur can produce other dangerous or poisonous chemicals if lets them on the land, like sulfur dioxide. Bacteria destroying sulfur may can give the solution of this problem, but this knowledge still on experiment. Some science still try with their own type of bacteria that can convert sulfur waste into other safe material naturally. In natural this bacteria may occur but the scientist should isolate this bacteria to more understand and to know about how they are working.

Microbes, through their specialized metabolic processes and ecologies, play a fundamental part in man's economy, and their economic roles are widely recognized as important. The sulphur bacteria have had in past geological eras, and are having today, numerous and diverse effects, often deleterious, scattered throughout the economy. Many of their economic roles are not widely known. Their economic and environmental effects arise, according to the type or combination of species involved, principally from (1) the production of acid, (2) the formation or removal of hydrogen sulphide, and (3) the removal of oxygen. In this paper their various effects on industry and the environment are surveyed.


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