Bacteria and Fungi Growth

If we have sample like gelatine that mixed with sugar on petridish and lets them open to the air, then all microorganism on the air will grow up on that media. Bacteria and fungi will grow up on that media on petridish, but where is the strongest microorganism will grow on this petridish.

To observe this growth you can not always tell just by looking. Many bacteria and fungi cells will form nice small colonies with smooth round edges. Some fungi cells, for example, molds, will form colonies that are hairy, just like the mold you see on old bread. There are filamentous bacteria too, but if it were betting the odds, it would bet a fuzzy colony was fungi. If you can seen on the microscope, the bacteria cells will not have a nucleus, and the fungi cell will have.

Most bacteria produce round (though sometimes flat, wet like) colonies, whereas fungi produce colonies of irregular shape, often time star like or hairy. So there are many possibility of the microorganism that can grow on your media, its depend on the environment where your are trying out. If you stay on environment mushroom production, you will get more fungi grow on your media, while others many possibility can happen.


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No wonder if contaminated continuously

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