Milk Bacteria

We have known that there are beneficial bacteria and dangerous bacteria to our health, so there is economic bacteria and there is bacteria causes disease. Bacteria that can spoil milk called as milk bacteria.

What type of milk bacteria grow in organic and goats milk and also after pasturised, the milk can spoil by bacteria. Milk is normally sterile when it leaves the body, but it is a very good source of food for all kind of bacteria. When an animal suffers from mastitis, milk can already contain bacteria in vivo, for instance certain E. coli bacteria. During the milking process, milk can get easily infected by faeces contact and by bacteria present on the udder. Since milk is such a good growth medium, it is better to sterilize or pasteurize before drinking because such bacteria rapidly multiply.

There is no difference between organic milk and normal cows milk. In some cases milk can contain pathogenic bacteria, such as pathogenic E.coli, salmonella, and listeria. Goat milk has different composition so that may explain why bacteria grew better. When we try to put milk on sterile agar, you can measure the growth of bacteria that were present in the milk and growth was delayed by pasteurization.Lactobacilli are likely possibility E.coli and staphilocci or even yeasts are also candidates.


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