Bacteria in Our Stomach

In a normal condition, our stomach have automatic control. Our stomach have low pH to control of many microorganism on our stomach. Many microorganism and bacteria can't live in these condition, they need to have a stable mechanism of increasing the pH levels around their surroundings. For this reasons, these are very few stomach bacteria exist inside stomach and these are the Helicobacter pylori bacteria.

Stomach bacteria can stand inside stomach with the protective mucous coating of the stomach. They have elongated thread sticking out from them going all the way to attach to the stomach cells beneath them. The mucous coating that shield the stomach from the corrosive body acid is also used to protect these bacteria from the same acid. In addition this mucous layer, the bacteria produce enzymes known as Urease enzymes which help increase the pH levels around them.

Helicobacter Pylori bacteria are a bad type of stomach bacteria because they cause us to have infections which may lead to the realization of diseases such as gastritis which refers to the inflammation of the stomach, Dyspepsia, Halitosis and finally ulcers in both the duodenum and the stomach. The infection are mainly caused when a person swallow these bacteria from food, fluids or even from contaminated kitchen utensils.

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