Bacillus Bacteria

Bacillus bacteria known as the kind of bacteria that give many benefit to human, this bacteria have economic importance to human being. Bacillus is a genus of gram positive rod shaped bacteria and a member of the division Firmicutes. Bacillus bacteria have either aerobes or facultative anaerobes bacteria group, and have positive test to enzyme catalase. In a nature this bacteria there are two kind either free living and pathogenic species.

The example of bacillus that have useful to human like bacillus amyloliquefaciens is a species of Bacillus that is the source of a natural antibiotic protein barnase, alpha amylase that used in starch hydrolysis, the protease subtilisin that used with detergents, and the BamH1  restriction enzyme that is used in DNA research. Bacillus thuringiensis genome was incorporated into corn and cotton that result GMOs that resistant to some insect pests.

The picture of many kinds of bacillus bacteria are as on the below pictures:


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