Biocellulose Development

The main component of plant cell wall is cellulose, even our body also contain of cellulose. Some bacteria also can produce cellulose, this phenomenon often called as cell biocellulose of bacteria cellulose. Bacteria that produce cellulose is some of economic importance bacteria for human, other type of useful bacteria that benefit to human like Yakult bacteria that use to produce beverage. The important properties on this event are plants cellulose and bacterial cellulose have the same chemical structure, but have different physical and chemical properties.

Bacterial cellulose is produced by acetic acid producing bacterium, called as Acetobacter Xylinum. The diameter of biocellulose is about 1/100 of the plant cellulose or almost equivalent to aluminium. Biocellulose is expected to be a new biodegradable biopolymer.

How to produce bacteria cellulose? In laboratory use airlift reactor to produce bacterial cellulose, the place to produce bacteria cellulose should have certain criteria, should have low energy requirement, litter shear stress to bacteria, and contamination possibility is very low. Bacterial cellulose that produce in airlift reactor formed a unique pellet type cellulose.


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