Restrain Urination Can Infected By Bacteria

Sometimes we hold pee because of lazy go to the bathroom, we should not hold discharge urine, besides can cause kidney stones also contain the risk of bladder tract infections. By removing urine from bladder means to clean the bacteria that is living in urine. So if we hold to pee allowing the bacteria grow in the urinary tract and may cause bacteria infection.

Restrain urination also must not be done before sexual intercourse. As a full bladder, urethra canal more open so that can facilitate bacterial invasion to the intimate organs. When the bacteria get in, there was a urinary tract infection,

Restrain urination also cause bladder pump disorders. After restrain urine can not be completely excluded. Do not omitted this condition, because residual urine that is difficult exit also potentially trigger of urinary tract infection.

Urine is the liquid rest from kidney and should be excreted. The liquid form metabolism of dissolved materials such as urea, dissolved salts and organic materials, this will be issued body through the process of urinary tract. Held it out to make 'junk' was dissolved sediment and disrupting the function of bladder and kidneys.


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