Good Yakult's Bacteria

Yakult is a probiotic drink that originally from Japan. As we know that there are bad bacteria and good bacteria, good bacteria is bacteria that have benefit use for human being. Include on this bacteria like bacteria that helping people on producing beverage like wine and Yakult. The Japanese scientist has founded that bacteria contain on Yakult can control the intestinal health and protection people from diseases. In our body there are good bacteria and bad bacteria, this mean that if the composition of bad bacteria too much can danger for our body but for normal composition it useful for our body.

Dr. Minoru a scientist from Japan, led him to a train of good bacteria, which is called as Lactobasillus. It was used to produce an appetizing culture milk drink and the first bottle of Yakult hit the shelves in Japan in 1935. Yakult believe can use as diet to stop the growth of harmful bacteria, protect us from infection, help digestion and absorption of food, produces vitamins and stimulates the immune system.

Yakult also not dangerous for babies and to elderly, even consume as the guidelines, and don’t consume this Yakult too much but just 1 bottle a day is enough. The natural intestinal flora of babies below the age of three months are not yet matured, so this drink is not suitable for them.

Good bacteria, when consumed in sufficiently high numbers can improve the balance of our intestinal flora. There are more than 400 types of microorganisms in our intestinal. Some of those bacteria are good for your health, many of them are hamless and others are downright bad.

Most bacteria in food are neutralized by our stomach. Bacteria in Yakult have strongest strain of lactobasillus, with a very high survival rate in the stomach. If you like to drink Yakult better you take a good quality. Yakult’s strain comes from the mother culture in Japan, as well as the vitamins and calcium.


Anonymous said…
what kind of bacteria are in the yakult and how are they good

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