How To Kill Bacteria

As may you have known that bacteria is divided into two kind, causes diseases bacteria and harmless bacteria even benefit bacteria. Bacteria can reproduce quickly, Bacteria that can causes diseases called as pathogen bacteria. If we can’t control the bacteria existence, harmful bacteria can take over our home, causing the family be plagued with health problem.

There are several ways to kill bacteria, sterilization uses intense heat, and pasteurization uses mild heat to lessen the number of bacteria in food. Cold temperatures combat bacteria as well. When food is refrigerated of frozen, it is preserved and protected from bacteria. Antiseptic are applied to human skin to eliminate bacteria, disinfectant can be used to clean toilers, sinks, and floors from bacteria.

To omit bacteria from their hand people can washing their hand after using bathroom, touching raw food, changing a baby’s diaper, cleaning up after a pet, or taking out the trash that all of washing use of soap and can also with warm water. Wash process need 15 seconds in order to kill bacteria on the skin.

Kind of antiseptic to kill bacteria also vary, there is a chemical antiseptic like alcohol and other washing substance and there is a plant that can be used as antiseptic like betel leaf. Other way to kill bacteria is to press their enviroment in order can stress the bacteria live, like create an environment that unsuitable with bacteria growth and many other ways.


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