Bacteria Afraid of White Onion or Garlic

In Indonesia garlic also called as white onion, because similar form and function as ingredient on vegetable cooking. If onion have brown color while garlic is white color. Normally people more use onion on cooking than garlic, but sometime garlic existence is very important like the story below.

Bacteria can grow in many condition except in the condition of over concentration. Bacteria can't grow in the condition of concentrated sugar, concentrated salt or concentrated acid. So many food and forage will treated with this substance to avoid from bacteria growth on the materials.

Surprisingly bacteria also don't like on the material that contains of many garlic substances, on this matter people use garlic to mix with starch on producing fungi seed. Usually the starch usually use from tuber or casava. So not just vampire or dracula who are afraid of Garlic but bacteria also afraid from this substance. Amazing world that garlic can drive away bacteria that contains of garlic. As a single cell bacteria very sensitive to certain material and won't grow on that condition.

By mixing a starch with garlic, then will grow a fungi instead of. This fungi seed then screen to select a certain fungi and create a pure of certain fungi. After the starch grow just with a certain fungi, people faded this bacteria and can produce it and dupicated as many as they want. From just a small peace of fungi seed people can produce thousand of other fungi seed, this method can use for money make machine. Actually bacteria also useful on other kind of process, not all kind of bacteria unuseful, for certain purposes people also use of certain kind of bacteria to help them on getting their purposes.


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