As we mentioned, the symptoms in TSS (Toxic shock Syndrome) are caused by toxins (poisonous substances) that the bacteria produce. Certain other bacteria also produce dangerous toxins. The tiny botulinus bacterium is another example. This organism is harmless when it’s eaten; it’s often present on food. But if it is growing in a place where there is low acidity and little or no oxygen (inside a sealed can, for example), it stars to produce a toxin would be enough to kill everyone on earth.

During the period shown, 1,660 cases of toxic shock syndrome were reported, mostly among white women of menstruating age. The incidence of TSS began to decline in 1981, possible because more women heeded warning to stop using super absorbent tampons and to alternate tampons with sanitary napkins during their periods, to discourage the growth of bacteria.


Everyone should know the symptoms of TSS; headache, sore throat, fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, Vomiting, sometimes a rash. Millions of woman have used tampons for years without developing the disease, but women who want to avoid even the small risk of developing TSS may want to avoid tampons or to use them during only part of their menstrual periods.


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